Wyoming EV Road Trip Hell: Cheyenne to Casper In 15 Hours

Trip Type:
178 miles / 284.8 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Casper, Wyoming

Alan O’Hashi, a former resident of Wyoming is very familiar with driving EVs in this state. The experience of driving EVs across Wyoming has been such a unique adventure for him that he has written a book about it titled “On The Trail: Electric Vehicle Advice and Anxiety.”

In his book, he mentions it took him 12 to 15 hours to cover a distance of 178 miles, which is less than a 2 1/2-hour trip. The sole reason is the lack of charging stations. Also, another problem is the hilly terrain and winds that can degrade range by up to half.

Another EV user and resident of Wyoming and an automotive writer and EV proponent (and Cowboy State Daily contributor), said he had a Kia Niro EV that would take 2.5 days to charge to full with a Level 1 charger, which is a standard residential outlet. On a larger vehicle like the GM Humvee EV, it would take more than four days at that level.

In 2022, the Wyoming Department of Transportation began planning for a significant expansion of electric car charging infrastructure as part of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program. Wyoming’s plan includes a total investment of $23.96 million over the next four years. This is good news for owners of electric vehicles (EVs)  who will no longer need to do most of their charging at home.

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