What I Learned About the Future of Electric Cars on My Family’s Summer Road Trip

Trip Type:
2400 miles / 3840 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Bloomfield, New Jersey
Brandon, Florida

Here is one recent road trips taken by a family of 4 (2 kids, 5 and 2 YO and their dog :)) in a Tesla Model Y  from New Jersey to Florida covering a distance of 2400 miles(both sides). It’s a story of how people are slowly transitioning from Combustible means and adopting sustainable means even on long-distance road trips.

Mike Linden shares their story of how to plan long-distance trips with young kids. He feels electric vehicle adoption in the US is still in its early days as per the market shares held by EVs.

When you are driving long-distance and with kids below 6 years you want to arrive in good shape and happy 🙂

Heres what Mike Linden says

When we arrive at our destination people usually ask if we’re tired from the drive and our response is always no. Our car has Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot which is designed to be self-driving from freeway on-ramp to off-ramp and while you do need to be alert with your hands on the wheel the whole time it requires significantly less mental energy and you arrive less tired.

Accomodation with EV Chargers used in this trip

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