We towed our camper 765 miles with our VW ID4

Trip Type:
765 miles / 1224 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Minneapolis, MN
Baraga, Mi

An amazing trip report from Reddit where they put  VW ID4 to test with a 750+ mile round trip towing Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe 5×8 weighing 800lbs (dry weight), likely 1100-1300lbs (loaded)on a camping excursion.

Trip Highlights

  • Total Distance covered 765 miles Minneapolis, MN to Baraga, MI and back

  • Total Time Fast Charging: 3h, 37m

  • Total Cost of Charging: $93.67

  • Average reported M/kWh: 2.17

  • Average calculated M/kWh: 2.0

  • Average calculated range: 154 miles

  • Battery Capacity: 82kwh (77 usable)

Head over to Reddit to get the day-to-day driving stats

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