Using a Bolt EV to tow a light pop-up camper to Boltergeist Canyon

Trip Type:
568 miles / 908.8 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Herber city, Utah
Boltergeist Canyon

Here’s a very exciting and detailed trip report of towing a camper using Chevy bolt from Heber City, UT area to a remote campsite in Southern Utah 🙂 It’s a 568 miles round trip towing a trailer that’s about 1650lb loaded. The report explains the provisions under US and UK towings laws

Trip highlights:

  • 568 miles round trip towing a trailer that’s about 1650lb loaded
  • Averaged just over 2 mi/kWh going 60-65mph

Here are some cool pics from the trip

From the author:

There you have it- a nearly 600 mile trip with a popup camper, and the only fossil fuels I burned were the couple pounds of LPG for the stove and buddy heater. I was able to pull it off with what’s an affordable EV now, and I’m looking forward to this being within reach for folks who aren’t making Model X money or pushing the limits of sanity with a Bolt. Hopefully the ID.4 will be part of that- I was thinking of its factory 2700 lb tow rating, extra battery capacity, and 125kW charging this whole trip. Someday, towing will be within grasp of many more EV owners.

Disclaimer: Chevrolet does not recommend towing with the Bolt EV. It may not be legal or insurable where you are. 


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