The Perfect Cure For Range Anxiety: The Lucid Air Dream Edition

Trip Type:
687 miles / 1099.2 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Salt lake,Utah

Range anxiety is one of the top concerns for new EV buyers, how far can an EV drive on a full charge? As of 2021, the average EV could travel 217 miles (349 km) on a single charge.

“Traveling nearly 700 miles on a single charge” Yes!, you read it right! Currently, Lucid air holds the record for EVs with the longest range on the market. It delivers an unbeatable range and great performance. The Air has the longest range of any electric vehicle currently on the market, according to EPA estimates.

Ryan of The Kilowatts YouTube channel took an Air Dream Edition for a hypermiling drive, traveling nearly 700 miles on a single charge. Averaging about 27 miles/hr. Midway they discovered a slow leak coming from one the tires. Luckily Lucid support team could replace it with a properly pressurized tire. They covered 540 miles with 24% charge remaining. Finally covered 687.4 miles on a single charge! As they claim a new record for a car still in production!

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