Road-tripping the mountains of B.C. in the electric Porsche Taycan

Trip Type:
51.58 miles / 83 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Merritt, British Columbia
Pennask Summit, British Columbia

Driving on curvy mountain roads with an EV is a fun experience.  EVs grip the road well due to their low center of gravity (those battery packs on the bottom of the car is pretty heavy!) and their instant acceleration makes for fun experience.

Driving.CA’s author Coleman Molnar writes about a trip up  Pennask Summit  a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.733m (5,685ft) above the sea level, located in British Columbia, Canada.

Colman notes:

After a week with the EV and several more (essential) trips up and down various mountain highways, followed by several more charges at high-speed EV stations, I conclude that this sedan is indeed the Ultimate BC Road Trip Machine. Sure, it lacks the toy-towing utility of a pickup truck, the spaciousness of an SUV, and more importantly the 500-plus-km range of a gas-sipping hatchback, but it climbs the steep BC hills like a rocket… a luxurious, leather lined rocket with a custom Bose sound system and two trunks.

Few notables from the trip report

  • Going up the mountain will zap the battery power.  Don’t worry, you will reclaim most of them during the descent with regen braking
  • Author notes that Porche Taycan drives pretty well on snow and grips well
  • When going into remote areas, always understand charging options around you.

Checkout the trip report + route map + ‘Better Trip Planner’ map below.


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