Road Tripping in the Audi e-tron

Trip Type:
236 miles / 377.6 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Lisbon, Portugal
Barrancos, Portugal

This is a trip down from Alentejo, South of Portugal to a nature reserve in Barrancos, to learn more about Audi’s first 100% electric model. The user wanted to test for himself if e-Tron is a better option for Tesla.  After all, in 2019, Audi’s BEV (fully electric vehicle) was Europe’s 7th best selling pure-electric model. At the end of the trip, the user summarises the strong and weak points of the trip and the vehicle.

From CleanTechnica

With the Audi rolling through well paved, straight one-lane roads*, we enjoyed the e-tron’s strongest advantage, the sublime comfort that this vehicle provides. The immediate torque was more than enough to surpass anything that stood in our way, while the panoramic roof helped to bring some light and joy in, even as outside the sky was dark and rainy. (*For reference to our American readers, this area of Portugal is somewhat reminiscent of Reno, Nevada.)

Yet, every time we had a stretch of winding road, the e-tron’s large weight made itself noticed. The big Audi lacked the agility that other vehicles would have. Although, I guess this would have to be expected in such a vehicle — after all, we are talking about a 5 meter crossover, with two and a half tonnes. Physics does have limits.

So, when it comes to exploring winding roads, it’s best to enjoy them with a Tesla Model 3, or a BMW i3.


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