R1S: 3800mi across Utah. Thoughts on road trips, off-road, and car camping.

Trip Type:
3800 miles / 6080 km
Trip Date:

Here is a versatile and combined trip report from Reddit, where R1S is taken across Utah, driving in different conditions from snow, sand, mud, trekking, and camping.

Trip Highlights

  •  SW Utah & Nevada: From Salt Lake City to Lake Mohave near Laughlin. A total of 585 miles, the total fast charging cost was $136.85. 2 Charging stops, a travel time of 10.5 hours as against 8.5hrs in an ICE
  • SE Utah & Moab: This involves a climbing and camping trip, covering a distance of 700 miles, Total fast charging cost was $54.95.
  • Off-Road and snow: With 835 horsepower, the R1 is more than capable of excelling in all kinds of off-road terrain
  • Camping: Rivian’s Camp Mode enhances the camping experience in R1S vehicles, making them perfect for outdoor adventures.
  • The camping mode options, camp speaker, flashlight, are all genuinely useful. The fold down back half-door is the perfect place to cook, organize gear, or have a drink. The huge frunk is also a great place to store expensive gear.


I am a big fan of the R1S but the realities of BEV charging definitely affects longer weekend road trips. Going to certain places in Wyoming isn’t even an option currently (Lander/Winds). I hope charging infrastructure improves quickly in remote places. For day trips under 250mi round trip, the R1S is a near-perfect vehicle.

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