Niro EV from Pittsburgh, PA to Bloomington, IN

Trip Type:
832 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Pittsburg, PA

Here’s another very useful trip report from IngioMontoya  . A detailed report of round trip from Pittsburg to Bloomington covering a distance of 832 miles. He brings out some important stats based on ABRP recommendations and how much it differs from the actuals.

Sharing some of the stats as reported on reddit

  • The onward trip ended up being around 9.5 hours, much longer than recommended by the app. Actual time in a single stretch would be 6 hours 43 minutes.
  • For the return trip, I figured I would just do the reverse of the above as it worked out well. Actual time of trip ended up being 8 hours 45 minutes.
  •  maintained somewhere around 3.2 to 3.4 mi/kW. Cruise control was utilized for 99% of the trip and was in Eco mode the entire time.

Head over to reddit to read the complete trip report

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