My 1,200-mile EV Road Trip: From Colorado to Kansas on Fully Electric

Trip Type:
1200 miles / 1920 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Denver, Colorado
Lawrence, Kansas

Here’s the story of the EV power couple who has countless hours of research and career expertise in EVS. But it is their first adventure in EV driving a distance of 600 miles on each side from Denver to Lawrence, Kansas with their 2 dogs Sasha and Sofie.

Some Rights Reserved. Image from Edison Energy

Long road trips can get even more complicated when driving an electric car – in particular, one that isn’t a Tesla. You may have to stop in an area that you don’t want to stop, where there’s not much to do, and where the chargers are not as fast as Tesla superchargers.

Although they have worked in the EV industry and had meticulously planned the charging stops, still the ‘range anxiety’ was inevitable. This is the break-down of the charging stats of their 5-day trip.

Some Rights Reserved. Image from Edison Energy

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