long EV road trips can be tough

444.92 miles / 716 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Calgary, Alberta
Butte, Montana

Driving through blizzards and mountains with very few chargers poses a lot of challenges and is not safe even in an ICE. But Ioniq5 has exceeded expectations

This trip report focuses on the First leg of the trip from Calgary Alberta to Butte Montana and eventually to Phoenix,AZ. Montana has the lowest number of chargers and EV registrations in North America

Never so happy as to find this Hyundai dealership open in the middle of nowhere Kalispell Montana when my battery was almost dead. They got all the snowpack out from under my car, and gave me a hot coffee and a car wash – for free! And a nice charger out front. Awesome place. I’ll pop in here again for sure!

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