I took a 2,200 mile electric roadtrip with no prep. It was easy. What’s the big deal?

Trip Type:
2200 miles / 3520 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
South Coast Metro

From the title of this travelogue, it looks very promising to go long-distance with an EV almost without planning. It’s mostly because the trip was on the West Coast, mostly in California, home to the highest number of charging stations.

Also, it’s all the more convenient doing it in Tesla with ease of access to the Tesla Navigation system & superchargers. The Supercharger network allows you to stay charged on the go. Plug in at a convenient location, grab a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat, and get back on the road. With 40,000+ global Superchargers, the network gives you the freedom to travel.

Posted on Electrek, this is an electric road trip in Tesla Model 3 from Southern California to Portland and back. The total distance was around 2,200 miles

with the bulk of the driving happening over the course of five days (three up, two down), and I only “spent” about 25 minutes waiting for the car to charge, total, over the whole trip.

I will reiterate, again, that we did not plan a route ahead. We didn’t plug our trip into ABRP or other route planners. We didn’t stick to a specific speed so we could make our charging plan. We changed routes frequently on a whim, we charged when or where we felt like doing so, or where there was a restaurant we were interested in. None of this was an issue. It was just a regular roadtrip, but less polluting, more pleasant, and cheaper.

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