From Essex to Leads in a Nissan Leaf in Bad Weather Conditions

Trip Type:
400 miles / 640 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Essex, UK
Leeds, UK

An interesting report of from Essex to Leeds on a Nissan Leaf (gen2)

The problems encountered driving in bad weather conditions and driving in these conditions are eye-opening with persistent rains, damp roads, gusty winds. It shows how the headwinds and crosswinds alter the charge drain

Author says:

Crosswinds were more of a factor than I had expected.  Headwinds are unbelievable for energy drain.  Tailing lorries really does help. A lot in those conditions


Our Take:

This report is interesting as it covers driving in some adverse conditions (bad weather, strong headwinds).  Most of the gas car drivers don’t think much about driving in headwinds.  How ever for electric cars headwinds can really make a dent in the range.  Very interesting read.


Checkout the trip report + route map below.

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