Ford F-150 Lightning road trip test: Can the electric pickup travel as well as gas?

Trip Type:
625 miles / 1000 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
New York City

This is a planned road trip between New York and Detroit in F-150 along Interstate 80 across Pennsylvania and Ohio.

A note to add The F-150 Lightning is also a huge vehicle, the aerodynamics differs from the regular sized vehicles. How feasible is it to take trucks on road trips?

Trip Highlights from Electrek

  • Started fully charged with about 284 miles and about 150 miles to the first charging spot in Bloomsburg PA.
  • The charging stops were spaced from 100-150 miles apart and under 30 minutes.
  • Blue Cruise in the F-150 allows you to take your hands off the wheel in Interstate driving situations. The latest version of Ford’s BlueCruise is a Level 2 system. It uses an adaptive cruise control system and a lane-centering assist system to keep your Ford vehicle centered in its lane and a certain distance away from the other vehicles on the highway.
  • EA stations were pretty consistent, and I would see about 170-180kW to start, about 133kW at 50% state of charge, and down to about 115kW at 70% state of charge. I didn’t really ever have to stay anywhere longer than 30 minutes.


Yes, you absolutely can take an F-150 Lightning on a road trip.Is the Lightning the best vehicle for a trip cross country? No. If I was driving a Kia EV6 or a Model 3, the charging stops would have been half as long. It would have required half the energy.

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