EV Road Trip — 25 Days & 8,182 Miles In Our Tesla Model 3

8182 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
San Marcos

Here’s one long haul trip taken up by John and Patti White, driving 8182 miles spread across 25 days just to catch up with old friends and acquaintances. It was 15 drive-all-day days covering 28 states

In this guest column published on CleanTechnica the couple share about supercharging costs, supercharging experiences and problems.

  • Longest leg: 199.49 miles.
  • Superchargers: 62
  • Cost to charge: $740.21
  • Miles: 8,182
  • Days: 25
  • Trip efficiency: 81.77%
  • Worst efficiency: 56.5% (59.42 actual miles, 105.13 rated miles, 20–30 mph headwinds).We stopped at 62 Superchargers, spending $740.21. That works out to about $0.09/mile which is about half what I’d pay for gas in my ICE car.

Accomodation with EV Chargers used in this trip

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