EV Life – Our 2,800-mile road trip in a Chevy Bolt through the Southwest U.S.

2800 miles / 4480 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
San Francisco

 Sharon Talbott, is the Director of Industry Experience Marketing for Energy & Utilities at Salesforce. She and her husband John are both actively involved in eliminating using combustible energy for daily activities.

To celebrate and mark their 28th Wedding Anniversary, they traveled 100 miles every completed year covering a distance of 2800 miles from San Francisco to Albuquerque through the Southwest deserts and mountains during a wave of extreme heat. 

They paid about $150 for charging for the whole 2,780-mile trip. It would have cost them 10 times more for gas.

In this trip report, they will answer all questions related to the apps used, optimizing range, alternative charging means, and much more.

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