Electric car road trips are perfectly doable — if you plan ahead

Trip Type:
1500 miles / 2400 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Detroit, Michigan
Winter Garden, Florida

Axios reports EVs account for about 5% of new car sales, and just 1% of all cars on the road. If this has to pick up, the users need to feel comfortable about the charging network

So this is a 1500-mile road trip taken by Joanna Muller and her husband. From their story, it is clear the long-distance trip is certainly ‘doable’ and not dread being stranded but it has its own share of challenges when it comes to planning the routes and estimates, recharging your account with different charging companies, etc.

Notes from their trip

  • The EV6 is a great choice for a road trip because its 800-volt charging system makes it among the fastest-charging EVs available today.
  • At a 350 kW DC fast charger, the EV6’s battery can go from 10% to 80% (good for up to 217 miles) in under 18 minutes, according to Kia.
  • We stopped 12 times to recharge over the 1,500-mile journey. Charging times varied between 20 minutes and 55 minutes, depending on the state of the car’s battery and the speed of the chargers we used.


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