Eight states and over 1100mi in Kona EV

1100 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Saco, Maine
Baltimore, Maryland

Here is a good trip report from Saco, Maine to Baltimore in Kona EV, spanning across 8 states, traversing 1100 miles on Kona EV

Overall we’re both incredibly happy with how the car performed for the trip. 3.5 mi/kWh exceeds what we were hoping for (we originally planned for 3.2) and it was comfortable and secure feeling. Charging went fine, and even our long charging stops didn’t feel at all onerous at around 45min.

From Wintertash

Our take

A drive , in conditions far from ideal, here is an incredible story of a couple combating cold weather riding snow tires and bad working conditions of the charging stations. This report provides key observations on EA, Kona EV’s GOM, etc. A good read!

Checkout the trip report + route map + ‘Better Route Planner’ map below.

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