Cross country trip in a Tesla Model 3

2890 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
San Francisco

We love seeing cross country trips using EVs.  Here is a cool trip!

The Van Deerlins (@vivivandeerlin) traveled 3,180 miles to Northern California all the way from Philadelphia to celebrate their 30th anniversary.
(As a cool side note, the couple volunteer at Delaware Valley Tesla Owners Club  @DelValTesla)

Chargers used:

  • The couple used 15 Superchargers
  • and six slower destination charging stations at hotels and other locations

Overall, the couple spent $130 on charging their vehicle during the road trip. They calculated they would’ve needed at least 126 gallons of gasoline with a combustion engine (you can estimate the $$)

Notable quotes:

“We were surprised by how easy it was to drive across the country”

“The car did not disturb the peace and quiet,”  (in Yosemite valley)


You can read about their exciting story here Mashable

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