Cross-country road trip in my 2022 Niro EV

Trip Type:
6000 miles / 9600 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Raleigh, North Carolina
Basalt, CO


 This is a fantastic road trip report from Reddit. A 6,000+ mile across the country in the new 2022 Niro EV

The Route

  •  Raleigh, NC to Santa Fe: Started from Raleigh to Sante Fe a distance of 1700+ miles. The elevation change from NC to NM is 8k feet(the car had no issue).
  • New Mexico: While in Sante Fe the DC Fast charger in the Walmart parking lot was used the entire time. Visited Grand Canyon in AZ. Navajo Nation to Shiprock, NM, Black Canyon of the Gunnison.
  • NM to CO: Mountain camping at Durango, CO. The campground was at the very top. From there to Alamosa, CO to see the Great Sand Dunes national park. There is only one charging station available in town- the ChargePoint+ allows you to charge $0.25/minute in parking fees
  • Basalt, CO: From Basalt over to Independence Pass at an elevation of over 12k feet.


For the entire trip,  85% ElectrifyAmerica chargers were used with less than a 5% failure rate. The rest was ChargePoint+ chargers, and Francis Energy Chargers(mostly broken)


Estimating this trip in Mazda 3 would have cost about $1,000-$1,200 in gas. It was about $250-$300 total in charging.


For a trip of this length, I’d say that the Niro, combined with ABRP, was a near-perfect combo. I’d absolutely do another long road-trip in this car!

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