Bakersfield to Dome Rock in a Bolt EV

234 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Bakersfield, California
Dome Rock, California

Here is a trip report from Bakersfield to Dome Rock from Paul Gipe.

Paul Gipe writes:

The Bolt’s low center-of-gravity, its regenerative braking, and its responsive acceleration make it a joy to drive it into Sierra Nevada–especially after sheltering-in-place for the week.

Dome Rock is well worth the visit, though we’d recommend going there early and midweek to avoid tourists and climbers and enjoy a near-wilderness experience.

Why we like this trip report:

We always like reports that include pretty pictures of nature 🙂   Plus this report has detailed data on battery usage.


Checkout the trip report + route map + ‘Better Trip Planner’ map below.

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