A Cross-Country Trip In The Chevy Bolt EV

Trip Type:
1800 miles / 2880 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Santa Fe,NM
Kansas City

Back in the day, an EV with 238 miles was ideal to commute within the city limits. But now since there’s a vast expansion of fast charging stations, one can easily move beyond city limits at least along all the major interstates. But a cross-country trip with this range needs extensive planning.

In a very detailed report by David Grunter , he shares his charging strategies, planning routes, trip stats, and how he avoided danger zones.

Some Rights Reserved. Image from David Grunter


Some Rights Reserved. Image from David Grunter



















He drove a total of 1,826.3 miles and spent $214.36 on electricity. With gas, this would be the equivalent of 45.6 gallons at $4.70.

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