8 Days, 2 Kids, 2700 Miles, 1 Tesla — Lessons Learned From A Cross Country EV Road Trip

2700 miles
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All you need to know about travelling across 2700 miles with your family. Such a valuable trip report providing insights, practical take-aways when you are travelling with a family of 2 kids driving across 2700 miles. The author shares 9 lessons on Car space, mileage, charging plan and network, traveling with kids etc.

The true test of EVS against the ICE cars is with the long-distance road trips. Here’s what they have got to share

Long story short, our trip was phenomenal. Our EV surpassed any ICE car in fueling cost and pollution reduction and came close to matching the traditional auto in how easy it was to “fill’er up.” In total, it took 41 hours of driving and 5 hours of charging to go 2,747 miles. Here are 9 “road trip” lessons we learned along the way.


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