2,500 mile trip report in my F-150 Lightning

Trip Type:
2542 miles / 4067.2 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Colorado Springs

A full-fledged report from reddit. A family of 3 with a pet and an infant covering a distance of 2,500 miles from Texas to Colorado in their F-150 Lightning.

Trip highlights:

  • Covered a total distance of 2542 miles
  • Averaged 1.9mi/kWh with 2 bikes/dog and a family of 3 including a 5-month-old baby
  • Maintained speed limit under 75mph
  • Total of 17 charging stops with no major issues. Most of the charging stops lasted for about 30 minutes
  • Day 1: Dallas to Amarillo: A distance of 364 miles via 287 and has a driving time of 5 hours. The actual drive time was 8.5 hours with 6.5 hours of driving and 1.5 hours of charging (4 charging stops)
  • Day 2: Amarillo to Colorado Springs –  364 miles with a 5-hour drive via 87 to I25. The actual drive time was 8 hours with 6.5 driving and 1.5 hours charging (3 charging stops)

Head over to Reddit to read more of the trip details

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