2000 Mile Roadtrip from Los Angeles to Moab, Utah

2000 miles / 3200 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Los Angeles
Moab, UT

This is great post about a long trip (2000 miles!) from Los Angeles,CA to Moab, UT with a Tesla M3 LR RWD.

From : u/Bottomsup99

I drove from the LA area to Bryce Canyon and stayed a few days, then to Moab UT for a night, then to Durango CO for 3 nights then home through New Mexico & Arizona. Story and Pics follow.

Why we like this trip report:

Very detailed trip report with plenty of pictures.  This is a testament to Tesla super charger network

Hotels mentioned in this trip

All these hotels have EV chargers!

Accomodation with EV Chargers used in this trip

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