13 Lessons From Our 2000 Mile Road Trip in Our Chevy Bolt EV

Trip Type:
1242.8 miles / 2000 km
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Jacksonville, Florida
Houston, Texas

A trip report driving from Jacksonville, Florida to Houston, Texas—and back covering a distance of 2000 miles in a Chevy Bolt EV.

Trip Highlights

  1. As noted by Devin Thorpe, most of the charging was done in Electrify America and it was easily available unlike just a couple of years ago
  2. ABRP app was very convenient to locate charging stations
  3. Electrify America charging stations are extensively available and charges per minute
  4. The total spent on charging was $116 for 2000 miles. The average cost per kWh – $0.25.


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