Things to Pack for Road Trips with EV – A Checklist (Printable)

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This a compact version.  Here is the same checklist with pictures and descriptions

Before the trip

Install these useful apps

Get access to the charging networks

  • Sign up for the charging networks
  • Download their apps on your phone
  • Setup a payment method (credit card) for each service
  • Do a test charge near you, to make sure the charging process works. (Do this before heading out on the trip)
  • Here are the popular charging networks

COVID Precautions

  • Masks
  • Hand sanitizer


  • Portable tire inflator: (here is one). As most EVs don’t come with a spare tire. So an inflator is handy when you get a flat
  • Roadside emergency kit (here is one)
  • Flashlight (like this) / headlamp (like this)


  • Blanket: take a cozy nap while charging 🙂
  • Paper towels and wet wipes: handy for cleaning up after eating In-N-Out animal style 🙂


Road trip involves lots of electronics (phones, tablets, laptops) and charging

Fun Stuff

You don’t need to be stuck in a car while charging.

Have a picnic, throw a frisbee 🙂

  • A throw / blanket for picnic
  • A picnic basket with goodies
  • Ball / Frisbee

EV Charging Accessories

For most road trips you can rely on public chargers. How ever there are certain times, you may need to carry your own charger.

  • If you are going camping most camp grounds and RV parks will have electrical hookups.
  • Staying at an AirBNB or a friend’s place that doesn’t have an EV charger

So what do you need?

  • A portable L2 charger (here are a few)
  • TT-30 adapter (for RV parks with 30amp circuits) (example)
  • A dryer outlet adapter (for houses with non NEMA 14-50 dryer outlets) (example)
  • A L3 charger (stock charger). These charge very slowly, may be adding 30-40 miles per overnight. But better than nothing 🙂


  • A good weather mat: Protect your car interior from dirt/mud (example)

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