Yosemite National Park, California, USA


Yosemite is an iconic National Park in California known for the majestic scenery.

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EV Charging

Insider Tip

Competition for the chargers may be fierce on weekends and holidays.  Plan on arrive early.  Or visit on a weekday.

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yosemite half dome

EV Charging at Yosemite

In 2022, RivianAdopt a Charger  and Yosemite Conservancy installed free L2 chargers around Yosemite.

Yosemite valley charging (image credit: plugshare)

Things do While Charging

Yosemite is an outdoor paradise. You can do just about anything here: going for a leisure walk, or a strenuous hike, bike the valley, take a photographic class at Ansel Adams gallery ..etc.

Since the chargers in the valley are L2 chargers, they will need a few hours to add reasonable charge. You can take the Valley Shuttle and go about anywhere in the Valley without worrying about parking or traffic.

Checkout Yosemite visitor guide for activities for the season. And now there is even an app for Yosemite 🙂

Have Fun and Enjoy the Park

Also checkout our detailed guide on Yosemite EV charging.

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